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We bought a package of white chocolate and macadamia nuts cookie from Artisan bakery inside the Stater Bros on Adams and Brookhurst in huntington beach California.To our surprise, my brother was eating the cookie almost ate the whole thing.

Inside the cookie was disgusting plastic or latex of some sort. How did this even happen? We are disgusted with this and wondering if anything else in this grocery bakery store is contaminated or dirty. You guys need a health inspection check.

Absolutely Disgusting!!

There's no email for stater bros to email or contact them only phone numbers.This is my complaint.

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Can't decide which grosses me out more, the plastic in the cookie or that nasty looking yellow painted finger. Blehhcht :x

to Billy #752838

I hope you enjoy your amazing life where no yellow finger nails are around you.


More than likely the cookies weren't even baked in the store.Most stores now don't do their own baking.

If the store had actually baked the cookies it would have had the name of the store on the package instead of some other name. They have the product shipped in already baked. Most of the grocery stores where I live do that. Even some restaurants do that.

Any business that handles any type of food undergoes regular health inspections and if they don't make a certain score they are given a certain date to correct the problem.

More than likely this mistake happened at the location where the cookies were baked.

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